What Is A Case Study Format?

Do you need a platform to format your case study in the best form and look attractive? A case study is an academic article that presents factual information about a given subject. In case you are writing any kind of essay, you must format it using a particular format. A case study has three parts, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion. When writing a case study, you must make sure to follow the proper format.

  1. Cover page

The cover page will be a writing guide that will serve as the first impression to the reader. You could need to begin with a short descriptive sentence that provides enough information about yourself, what you are doing, and why you chose to choose that particular subject. The cover page will also contain your information about your academic qualifications and experience, language, date, location, and email address.

  1. The introductory paragraph

This part should provide an overview of your case study. What is the main aim of the case study? What are the key points you are going to discuss in the paper? Make a summary that explains your research. Also, present the main points discussed in each part and the crucial results from the research.

  1. Body paragraphs

When you are writing your case study, you should present evidence and arguments to support your main points. Here, provide each key point and discuss it in bullet form. Avoid summarizing your statements since it might not convince the reader or make them understand your work.

  1. Conclusion

Your conclusion is also referred to as an anecdote. It is a summary of all the key points covered in the paper. The conclusion must be in a position to summarize and summarize all the points discussed in the main parts.

Useful Tips to Help You Format a Case Study

When looking to format a case study, keep these tips in mind:

Try to use the Last Update date

The ideal time to format your case study is between the date of publication and the Last Update date. Formatting a case study must be done in an updated version of the case study. It would be best if you made a backup copy of your article before you do anything.

Check to see if the references support the information presented in the paper

By now, you should be familiar with the correct citation method to use when citing your sources. Ensure that you are using the correct citation method when writing your case study. Paraphrasing is often used to help avoid plagiarism in case you can’t give enough attention to the case study.

Use a 7-point or 12-point font

Case studies also have different font sizes, depending on the paper’s demands. All the information presented in the body paragraphs should be in a 12-point font. Likewise, your conclusion should be in a 7-point font. It is advised to use italics to distinguish your points and summarize the main points.

Formatting a case study will depend on your preference, expertise, and budget. Every student should be able to achieve his or her educational aims.

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