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Differences between style correction and ortho typography

If there is already some confusion as to what a professional corrector really does, at the moment we are talking about ortho typographical correction and style, we often find a kind of totum revolutum that, although in the case of the profane It is perfectly understandable, for the author of a work and for anyone involved in an editorial service is absolutely essential. Both specialties are part of the linguistic advice that will end with the publication and publication of a work. However, each of these corrections has its own characteristics that we will try to explain in detail in this entry.

The ortho typographical correction:

Corrects spelling and punctuation errors

Guarantees that the spelling complies with the rules of the RAE (2010), such as the use of capital letters, abbreviations, misspellings, accents, writing of figures, magnitudes and their symbols …

Check and correct (if necessary) the typographical resources used: italics, quotation marks, bold letters, little verses, moles, numbering …

Unify criteria in those issues not subject to regulations (such as the use of bold, italics and quotation marks).

When the correction is made on the text already formatted for printed version (compiled), it will detect widows and orphans (no, we have not gone crazy, we are still talking about the correction), repetition of syllables in consecutive lines and bad words; likewise, to point out errors in the treatment of targets, margins, short lines, fillets and foliation.

Style correction:

Eliminate vocabulary errors and inaccuracies.

It eliminates fillers (ok?), Lexical vices and increases the lexical wealth.

It corrects grammatical errors and adjusts the text to established norms and uses.

Solves the syntactic inconsistencies (concordance, adequacy of verb tenses, the correct use of prepositions …) and gives greater fluidity and adequacy to the text by choosing syntactic resources according to it (connectors, subordinates, elimination of pleonasms .. ..).

If we are lucky enough to have a style book, adapt the text to its guidelines.

It makes the text sound authentic in its language and understandable to the reader it is intended for (a reader from Spain is not the same as one from Mexico or Colombia, for example).

The elaboration of other aspects, such as index and pagination, can be done either in one type of correction or in the other, depending on the agreement reached by the author / editor with the proofreader.

It is important to point out that although the correction makes changes in a work, the proofreader never changes the personal style of the author and must always respect and consult him. It is, therefore, a work in complicity with the author, sometimes misunderstood and ungrateful, which makes some writers, out of ignorance, see the proofreader with fear and fear that he will take his personal stamp, when not There is nothing further from reality.

The orthophotographic correction of a text is an essential phase if you want to publish a text, while the style correction is not essential but it is recommended. However, if for economic reasons, we can only afford one, it will always be the ortho typography. A reader will not always remember the publisher or the title of a book, but always remember the author, so it is your responsibility (and the publisher, if you have one), to offer a product with a good finish.

When requesting a budget for any of the two corrections, we need to know the number of matrices. That is, the number of characters with spaces in the text (“letters” are counted, but also scores and spaces between words and words). The number of matrices is divided into thousands and the rates usually refer to X € per 1000 matrices. The resulting amount is the full rate for correcting a work. To that amount, we will have to add the VAT (Treasury we are all, yeah!) And apply the corresponding withholding (which subtracts euros from the invoice). Due to the greater complexity of the style correction, its rate is higher than that of the orthotypography.

The professional who makes the ortho typographical correction must be different from the one who makes the style correction. Why? Well simply because we are still human beings (for the moment the only recognized cyborg is this) and four eyes see more than two, eliminating in this way any rebellious errata that could have leaked. The ideal is to make an ortho typographical correction with the text already formatted; thus, it is verified that no involuntary text movements have been made, in which case they are quickly corrected. As an author, you deserve that your name is associated with a work, at least, well corrected. As a reader, you deserve, regardless of format, not to have to distract you by chasing errata or grammatical errors.

Because in the end, as in many things of life, it is about enjoying; some, creating and others, submerging us in the imaginary lives that the first ones provide us.

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Keys for the correction of a doctoral thesis

We have never met anyone who did not complain that time was falling on him while writing his thesis. What at first seemed like a sea of time has become a sigh. The blame? Some relaxation at the beginning (in some cases) but, above all, the duration and effort involved in the steps of raising your hypothesis, arriving at the synthesis and adequately exposing the conclusions. Lucky also the one that does not have to combine it with a working day of eight hours or endless weekend work.

Knowledge in the chosen subject is essential, of course. But there are three other fundamental aspects that are not always given due attention and that, in fact, can make a difference in the final note of the file:

  • proper writing
  • structural coherence
  • perfect spelling

At this point, we must consider what project we intend to present, see where it falters and analyze what we can modify to be proud of that copy whose life does not end with its presentation, but will become a text of consultation and usefulness for future promotions. It sounds good, right?

Before correcting a thesis we must:

Be clear about the structure of the text. Write, document, write, document … to infinity and beyond.

Analyze the content

Leave the text in “rest” for a few days (or hours, if time is short) before starting the correction.

Most translators and proofreaders leave the document “to rest” after a first correction or translation: this distance from the work allows us to dissociate elements that we had overlooked. It is one of the most important steps of all writing that must be read or published and that we should never skip.

Next, we will study in the most objective way the strengths and especially the weaknesses of the work. It is also important that, from the beginning, we are aware of the ease (or not) we have to speak in public. And practice, practice and practice. There are five fundamental points, which are:

1. Analyze our real abilities, effort or advice

The writing of the thesis includes the research carried out, its process and the results obtained through the Hegel triad: hypothesis, antithesis and synthesis. Some students have a good writing ability and sufficient knowledge to structure the speech properly and deliver a polished and consistent work, without spelling or grammar errors. If that is not our case, it would not be bad to be sensible and seek quality linguistic advice.

2. Follow systematic correction guidelines

A single reading is never enough. We insist: at the moment of correcting your thesis, you must distance yourself from it. Dedicating so many days of work to a project means assuming what a section should say. The problem arises when what you say is not exactly what we have in our head. It is very common to have a clear mental concept, but then have problems to translate it into a paper with the coherence, style and clarity that you would like. Therefore, if you do not take distance, the correction work will be useless, since you will not see where the errors are. This is, possibly, the main reason to delegate the correction work in the hands of a professional, since our friends, acquaintances, close associates and others may not want or not have the necessary knowledge to perform a professional reading. At this point we assume that you are already clear that the last person you should ask for a correction is a fellow student for obvious reasons.

3. Organization of time

Fundamental factor that we have to control. We have two possiblities:

First, write the thesis and then dedicate yourself to correct it. Reserve several days for this task. Never do it in a hurry, because it is a key moment that can detract from what we have achieved so far.

Make a systematic review after each writing session. Personally, we think the best option. You’re right, it’s a nuisance, but all the mistakes you see during the writing will save you days of work when you’re reaching the end of the road.

It is important that you choose the option that makes you feel more comfortable, and apply it in a systematic and orderly manner, always allowing at least a day (or several hours if you are very “caught”) between review and revision.

4. Where to correct the thesis?

If you have crossed your mind the coffee shop on the corner, no (unless you have an ability to concentrate outside the ordinary). You need a silent, quiet place where you can read aloud, consult questions of ortho typographical and / or grammatical character without distractions. We already know it. It sounds fatal, but think that it will only be a few days of your life and it will be worth it. You will celebrate it later.

5. Record yourself exposing the thesis

Listen (or look at yourself) then with the eyes / ears of an examiner. You will see how the perception of your speech changes. It will help you improve your weaknesses and above all, it will give you security. And if it turns out that you fall in love with the camera … go straight to an acting school; your future may be elsewhere;)

6. Assess the option of a professional proofreader

No matter how well one writes, the revision of a project carried out by a professional adds value to any text and is an extra of what is important to know how to benefit. Keep in mind that a professional proofreader will always keep your personal style and consult all changes and suggestions with you. You will always be the one who takes the last decision. The text will never cease to be “yours”.

Of course, the experience has left me two things clear:

Do not hire the cheapest, honestly. Hire a professional whose mother tongue is the one in which you will deliver the thesis. With the passage of time We have verified that of good, beautiful and cheap you can get two simultaneously, three is impossible. However, check prices. You will see that it is not so much.

Do not pass the hot potato to the concealer. Research and writing is your job; the proofreader must correct and polish the text in any linguistic area. Give him the job when it’s really finished. Do not add or remove content, because you will only make it difficult to work, lengthen time and make work more expensive.

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The basics of the course writing service

Writing courses Secrets of the service that no one else knows The secret to the course writing service

If you want to guarantee a high quality of work, we are the ideal option for you. In addition, their customer service is extremely beneficial and comprehensive, contrary to what happens in other trial businesses. With regard to security, it is important that our customers know that they can fully trust our service. If you are registered on our site, you can use the tool up to 100 times a month. Our customer service is always available.

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Course writing service can be fun for everyone

Writing about a subject in general is not at all impressive and can allow you to lose critical points. The personalized courses service is provided by experienced researchers who have a deep knowledge in their field of study. In recent decades, the writing of courses has become a component of the academic life of most students who belong to the best universities. It is not easy to write and it is not a two-page essay or a book review. It can encompass a variety of different assessments and is a way that writers ask their tutor to try a variety of different skills. It is a kind of academic work that must be done by the students in order to demonstrate their skills and understanding. It is a job assigned to judge the talent and abilities of the students. It is a way for students to show their skills.

The downside risk of the course writing service

You may come face to face with a series of similar writing tasks in very tight deadlines, which may be impossible to accomplish. Therefore, you will know if you are moving in the right direction through your courses or if amendments should be made. Preparing an assignment for the last year could be quite difficult since students have to handle the problems of time and terminal deficiency. -presion of evaluation. At this time, you are only writing a complete preparation to know your course work through a professional. In any case, you should also realize that, in the event that the term of your work is within a few hours, you may have to pay higher prices. If you do not send the courses on the scheduled date, you will never achieve the big brands.

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Academic work is a substantial contribution to your next level. Writing a course is a difficult task during your graduate program, especially when you have other vital things around you. It’s only half of a deal. Students should do their best to compose a good course work. Therefore, they need to know how to work in a course to be perfect. If a student can not finish and send the courses on time, it will be difficult to obtain excellent grades.

Writing courses Service options

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The work of the course has become a part of the educational system. It is evident that the course work is a complex paperwork that also requires a specific attitude and knowledge. Course work is one of the most typical tasks faced by students at all times. It is usually a huge academic task. It represents a significant part of your general academic qualifications.

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